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Parkin Costain: Watch Him Rip in this Edit from the New TGR Movie “Make Believe”

Friday, October 30, 2020
Watch BD Athlete Parkin Costain rip it up in this highlight edit from the new TGR film “Make Believe.”
Video: Teton Gravity Research

“It was never, ‘what are you going to do later in life?’ It was just, ‘I’m going to keep skiing,’” says, BD Athlete Parkin Costain.

That dedication and drive is paying off. With a new winter on the horizon, Parkin’s exploits from last season are highlighted in the new Teton Gravity Research film, Make Believe. Though Parkin mostly lets his skiing do the talking, we snagged a quick interview with the young charger to hear more about his TGR part and what he’s got planned for this winter.



You have a prominent part in the new TGR film, Make Believe. Is this a milestone for you?

It was unreal making it back in the annual TGR film! Definitely one of my childhood dreams was to be a part of the TGR crew. I first shot a segment with TGR back in 2018 for their film Far Out. It’s been a couple years but last winter just after Kings and Queens everything came together to make it happen.

Give us the backstory of the lines you’re skiing in the part.

The entire segment was shot over just a few days in two different locations in Montana. The segment starts with some classic Cooke City lines. The snow in Cooke wasn’t perfect but we had a weather window and I know the area well. Normally for a part in the annual production you’re out for a month shooting, finding the zones and waiting for conditions to line up, but last winter was a different story. The second part of the segment was shot in a super unique zone I’ve been eyeing up for the last 5 years. I’ve headed back year after year with no luck but last February we found perfect conditions and the most fun skiing I’ve had in years ensued.

OK, favorite place to ski … period.

I’d have to say the zone in the segment. I’ve yet to ski anything more rewarding, technical and playful than this spot. I love it!

If you could spend the day skiing with one person, who would it be?

Candide Thovex, dude’s the GOAT.

Favorite piece of BD gear you can’t live without.

That’s a hard choice, haha. At the moment I’d say the Recon Stretch Ski Shell in color Octane/Carbon is my favorite. I found the fit, form and style were on point. The color really pops for filming too. If you asked me this question middle of last season though I would have said the Evac Shovel. Whether I’m stuck on my snowmobile, digging snow pits or practicing avi safety, this thing has been crushing it. The ergonomic handle design and the ability to swap into hoe-mode make it a must in the backcountry for me.

Dawn Patrol? Or sunset shred?

Dawn Patrol!

What are your plans for this winter?

We’re all unsure about what the future holds this season. Covid is playing a huge part. I’m hoping to film another segment with TGR and pursue the backcountry to the fullest extent. I’m linking up with a small crew of friends and we’ll be working together most of the season. I’ll predominantly be sticking around Montana and exploring as many new zones as I can get my hands on.

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