The Beta Light Series Backpacks represent a paradigm shift in ultralight backpacking, drawing inspiration from athletes and incorporating cutting-edge features from our distance running series packs. Designed for swift movement during overnight excursions in the wilderness, these packs are optimized for speed and efficiency without compromising on comfort.

Crafted with a running-vest style suspension harness system, these packs ensure a snug and stable fit, allowing you to move with agility through diverse terrains. Its streamlined design minimizes bulk while maximizing functionality, enabling you to carry all your essential gear without unnecessary weight or bulkiness.

Constructed from waterproof materials, the Beta Light Packs offer reliable protection for your belongings, ensuring they stay dry even in the harshest conditions. Whether you're embarking on a multi-month journey along the Pacific Crest Trail or maximizing your adventures during a two-week getaway, these packs are engineered to meet the demands of the backcountry.

With the Beta Light Packs you can embrace the ultralight backpacking revolution and push your limits on the trails with confidence.

The Black Diamond Beta Light Series Packs

A detailed image of the Beta Light 30 Backpack.
A backpacker pushes on through a rainstorm with the Beta Light 45 Pack.
Running vest-inspired shoulder straps with extra storage pockets makes for comfortable and dynamic carrying system.
The Beta Light Satellite bag.

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Three through hikers inspect a map while wearing Beta Light Series Backpacks.
A hikers pushes on through the rain with their waterproof Beta Light Series Backpack.
Two hikers move through the mountains with Beta Light Series Backpacks.
A hiker moves on the trail with the Beta Light Series Backpack.

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