Our Pledge To Do Better



When Black Diamond pledged to spend $250,000 to help increase accessibility in the outdoors for diverse communities and their members, we committed ourselves to finding real solutions. We knew these funds were more than a one-time donation; this pledge had to be the kindling to ignite real change in our community, our industry, and in the outdoors. 

To ensure we had direction and outcomes for our initiatives, we built objectives around accomplishing four things:

  1. Creating a business environment of internal awareness and understanding
  2. Building of industry leaders
  3. Support and community integration with grassroot affiliate groups
  4. Driving athlete and ambassador team diversification

Now it’s time to share the progress we’ve made since our initial pledge in May 2020. Below, under each of our four objectives, you can find the actionable steps we’ve made in the last two years. Thank you for trusting us as we continue to develop ideas and plans to create lasting change within our sphere of influence.


Our Commitment: 2020

We will launch a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee to help us better educate employees on issues of racial inequality in the workplace and implement change to business practices, systems and infrastructure that potentially lead to discriminatory results.

Progression Update: 2022

  • To date, we have hosted multiple Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning sessions for Black Diamond employees.
  • We are currently developing actions in response to an in-house audit to identify areas of continuous improvement towards DEI integration.
  • The DEI Committee identified hiring forums that serve as a conduit to a more diverse applicant base which are now integrated into our job posting and hiring practice.
  • Our internship program is going live in the summer of 2022 (described in more detail under “support and community integration with grassroot affiliate groups”).
  • The DEI Committee now hosts quarterly employee clinics to help increase accessibility to the activities our products are built for.


Our commitment: 2020

We will support scholarship programs as well as furthering education opportunities and initiatives that eliminate barriers to participation in the outdoors. These initiatives will include the support of existing—and creation of new—events that promote diversity in the outdoor space.

Progression update: 2022

  • Conducted two BIPOC-focused Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) courses in 2021 for 20 people (10 per course).
  • Held a virtual mentorship gathering with the purpose of creating community and forging relationships for those in the BIPOC community.
  • Two SPI certification courses scheduled in 2022, for those who completed the non-certification courses last year), one new SPI course (6 participants), and three single day mentorship events.


Our commitment: 2020

We will expand our network of partnerships and brand affiliations to include organizations which will better help us to reach our goal, providing more access to more people in the outdoors. 

Progression update: 2022


  • Provided funding and in-kind support for a climbing photography workshop in Bishop, California, for Memphis Rox staff and members.
  • Additional funding and in-kind support provided for a national fundraiser—Mount Rox. People from all over the world were invited to participate by logging as many climbs as possible to reach the elevation of Mount Rox (looking to collectively log 38106 climbs—the zip code for Memphis Rox). This will be coming back so that we can hit our goal—please join us this summer!
  • Activated our athlete team to help with fundraisers for Memphis Rox, for example, Hazel Findlay’s presentation on Climbing and Mental Health (as part of Mental Health Awareness Month).
  • Funded a crack volume to be built in Memphis Rox so students and members could learn to place trad gear and practice crack climbing technique.
  • To drive awareness for Memphis Rox, we produced the film Soul Deep.

Black Diamond Presents: Soul Deep


  • In collaboration with HBCUs Outside, we started the Bouldering Experience Program. This program gives HBCU ambassadors the gear and funds they need to take HBCU students on outdoor bouldering trips. 
  • HBCUs Outside & Black Diamond Internship scheduled for summer of 2022.. Designed as an in-person program, with remote contingency based on pandemic status, the Interns will receive a wage, living stipend, and housing assistance. If the internship is remote, those same funds will be used to cover all travel expenses to and from Salt Lake City during the duration of the internship. We will have 4 intern positions:
    1. Marketing – Communications and Social Media
    2. Research and Development – Mechanical Engineering
    3. Sales – Data Analysis
    4. Distribution – Industrial Engineering

Grassroots by HBCUs Outside & Black Diamond


  • In partnership with the Black Outside, Inc., we are developing and funding programming designed for a local partner of TBOI – Trinity University. We have introduced climbing programs to these students, and have plans to expand opportunities to include:
    1. Black Diamond led programming, activities, or career info sessions.
    2. Extension of internship or training/certification support for interested college participants
    3. Support of local programming.
  • Co-producing a film focused on Black Outside, Inc., to be released in 2022,to increase awareness of the company, their community and the body of work.

Hike The Stars with the Black Outside


  • Continuation of quarterly grants supporting the collaborative Gym to Crag Grant program.
    1. Check out one of our favorites, the Cleveland Climbers Outreach, that is dedicated to breaking down barriers to create a more diverse climbing community.
  • This opportunity is available every quarter—please apply!


Our commitment: 2020

We will dedicate additional funds to grow our athlete roster and feature better representation and visibility of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) ambassadors through content creation and amplification.

Progression update: 2022

  • In 2021, we added seven new athletes and ambassadors that have helped diversify our roster.
  • Our Athlete/Ambassador values now prioritize inclusion as a guiding ethos for each individual, the team as a whole, and the brand as a driving force.
  • Our recruitment strategy now includes prioritizing diversity (gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, size, etc.) and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Our new recruitment strategy also includes brand value alignment as well as athletic execution.
  • We have added resources to help create more opportunities for the ambassador team (which can help promote them to the athlete level).

Black Diamond Presents: Step By Step with Andrew Alexander King


  • Major gear sponsor for the Full Circle Project. 
  • Climbers of Color Glacier Course Scholarship 2021: donated gear and funds for each participant. Supported the four-day expedition on Mount Baker for 6 BIPOC women.
  • Supported the All In Ice Fest
  • Hosted a Try Outside Climbing event for the BIPOC community during Sam Elias’ Cities to Crags tour.
  • Funded a BIPOC Film Grant with Pretty Strong and No Man’s Land Film Fest.