Updates for 2023 to our ongoing commitment

Here at Black Diamond, we are firm believers in the power of outdoor spaces, and their ability to change lives for the better. Because we have been positively shaped by our own outdoor experiences, we are committed to making those same experiences more accessible to marginalized communities. 

To ensure we had direction and outcomes for our initiatives, we built objectives around accomplishing four things:

  1. Creating a business environment of internal awareness and understanding
  2. Building of industry leaders
  3. Support and community integration with grassroot affiliate groups
  4. Driving athlete and ambassador team diversification

Now it’s time to share the progress we’ve made since our initial pledge in May 2020. Below, under each of our four objectives, you can find the actionable steps we’ve made in the last three years. Thank you for trusting us as we continue to develop ideas and plans to create lasting change within our sphere of influence.


Our Commitment: 2020

We will launch a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee to help us better educate employees on issues of racial inequality in the workplace and implement change to business practices, systems and infrastructure that potentially lead to discriminatory results.

Progression Update: 2023

  • To date, we have continued to offer annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning sessions for all Black Diamond employees.
  • We have implemented new guidelines and requirements in our product design process assuring that we are accounting for marginalized voices, creativity, and bodies.
  • The DEI Committee identified hiring forums that serve as a conduit to a more diverse applicant base which are now integrated into our job posting and hiring practice.


Our commitment: 2020

We will support scholarship programs as well as furthering education opportunities and initiatives that eliminate barriers to participation in the outdoors. These initiatives will include the support of existing—and creation of new—events that promote diversity in the outdoor space.

Progression update: 2023

  • Conducted one BIPOC-focused Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) course in 2023 for 6 participants.
  • Conducted one BIPOC Rock Guide 1 course in 2023 for 4 participants.
  • To date, we have sponsored 32 individuals through their SPI course, 10 through SPI Certification, and 4 through a Rock Guide 1 course. Sponsorship includes coverage of tuition, as well as a gear and travel stipend.


Our commitment: 2020

We will expand our network of partnerships and brand affiliations to include organizations which will better help us to reach our goal, providing more access to more people in the outdoors. 

Progression update: 2023


We know that climbing serves as a tool to better lives, and through it can be found healing, challenge, and perseverance in the face of challenges. Memphis Rox works year round to fostering this work and bringing rehabilitation, healing and a renewed sense of hope to challenged communities. Their programs foster relationships across cultural, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, never excluding anyone regardless of ability to pay. In 2023, Black Diamond and Memphis Rox worked together to:

  • Sponsored & support of the first annual Rox Fest including athlete participation, onsite activation, product giveaways, and additional monetary donation 
  • Additional funding and in-kind support provided for a national fundraiser—Mount Rox. People from all over the world were invited to participate by logging as many climbs as possible to reach the elevation of Mount Rox (looking to collectively log 38106 climbs—the zip code for Memphis Rox).  
  • Donation of demo fleet of ice climbing gear for the Rox Team to use at festivals and other trips.

Progression update: 2023


Climbing 4 Change has one mission: making connections and uplifting underserved minorities within the outdoor industry. From athletes to industry leaders or film makers, they aim to make our industry a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. Together in 2023, we accomplished the following:

  • Continuation of quarterly grants supporting the collaborative Gym to Crag Grant program. The grant went to over 40 participants in 2023. 
  • This year, the Gym to Crag grant went to one of our favorite local affinity groups, Color the Wasatch. The grant covered a multiday Gym to Crag course for 20 individuals in the beautiful City of Rocks, Idaho. 
  • This opportunity is available every quarter—please apply

Progression update: 2023

The Venture Out Project

With the mission to provide a safe and fun space for queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ people to experience the outdoors, Black Diamond is a proud partner of The Venture Out Project. Together in 2023, we accomplished: 

  • Financially equipped TVOP to lead our largest annual fundraiser (The All of the Above Trail Festival) yet - with more than 200 attendees and $30,000 raised! Black Diamond was not only title sponsor, but helped to make the dream a reality with the inception of the event idea in 2022  
  • Financially supported The Venture Out Project’s first-ever Queer Wilderness Leadership Training (QWLT) at our Basecamp, training 30+ LGBTQ+ individuals from across the country on how to be TVOP ambassadors on and off the trail (aka, our Instructors & Volunteers!) 

Progression update: 2023

The Adaptive Climbing Group

The Adaptive Climbing Group, or ACG, works diligently to create accessible, affordable, and transformational climbing opportunities for people with disabilities. They do so by following a full equity model with free, discounted, and donation-based programming indoors and outdoors.  As a dedicated partner in their efforts, Black Diamond has supported ACG in 2023 through: 

  • Sponsorship of 3 day advanced training camp for paraclimbing athletes.
  • Donation of needed equipment for indoor and outdoor rock climbing programming.
  • Donation of ice climbing demo fleets including both hardgoods and apparel.
  • Sponsorship of adaptive climbing clinics at various Ice Festivals.

The ACG at an ice climbing clinic.

Progression update: 2023

Fat Senders

A local organization created and run by one of our very own employees, Fat Senders has one main goal: to build a safe space for folks in bigger bodies to participate in recreational activities or learn new things. In 2023, Black Diamond supported the work of Fat Senders through: 

  • Support and facilitation of outdoor climbing clinics 
  • Donation of product to be used in both clinics and fundraising 
  • Participation in inclusive sizing feedback and discussion in our harness line offering 


Our commitment: 2020

We will dedicate additional funds to grow our athlete roster and feature better representation and visibility of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) ambassadors through content creation and amplification.

Progression update: 2023

  • In 2023, we added six new athletes and ambassadors that have helped diversify our team roster.
  • Our Athlete/Ambassador values now prioritize inclusion as a guiding ethos for each individual, the team as a whole, and the brand as a driving force. 
  • Our recruitment strategy now includes prioritizing diversity (gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, size, etc.) and will continue to do so in the future. 
  • Our new recruitment strategy also includes brand value alignment as well as athletic execution. 
  • We have added resources to help create more opportunities for the ambassador team (which can help promote them to the athlete level). 


  • Major gear sponsor for Seeing Beyond: Everest where Scott & Shayna, deaf mountaineers, educators, & storytellers, ascended the tallest peak in the world. 
  • Supported the All In Ice Fest in Ouray, Colorado. 
  • Product support POCS White Mountain School climbing and skiing programs. 
  • Product support of the Goshute Tribe children’s rock climbing camp & future use.
  • Product & financial support of our local climbing affinity groups, Salt Lake Area Queer Climbers & Color the Wasatch. 

Previous Projects

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Grassroots by HBCUs Outside & Black Diamond


Black Diamond Presents: Soul Deep

Photographer: Janelle Dransfield, Color the Wasatch in City of Rocks.

Black Diamond Employee Code of Conduct

Black Diamond Equipment, LTD (BD) is committed to creating and encouraging a culture of inclusion and understanding for our employees.   

We are dedicated to ensuring that all employees and applicants are given both an equal opportunity to succeed and work within a company culture that respects the values of all societies.  Each employee shall be given the resources and support to succeed in the workplace. 

Our policy shall not discriminate or withhold resources to anyone based upon race, color, religion, sex; including sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, protected Veteran Status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. 

Central to this policy, we make the following commitments: 

  • To create an environment in which all individuals are recognized and valued for their contributions and differences in perspectives based upon their personal and professional experiences. 
  • To foster an environment of respect and understanding amongst employees 
  • To ensure intolerance for any kind of intimidation, bullying or harassment  
  • To infuse equitable workplace practices, including the sharing of resources and advancement opportunities to all employees. 
  • To provide training and development for leadership to make equity and inclusion thinking central to business decisions.   
  • To create a culture where everyone feels empowered to raise concerns of discrimination to their supervisor with trust that they will be met with dignity and respect and that proper corrective actions will be taken. 
  • To consistently review our company practices, policies and employee satisfaction measures with equity and inclusion in mind. 

BD will inform all employees of this policy, its enforcement and of their obligation to comply with its requirements and promote fairness.   

This policy will be made available to corporate partners, professional stakeholders and other industry network contacts. 

This policy will evolve as we continue to seek ways to support the mission of equity and inclusion in the workplace.