Black Diamond athlete Kelly Halpin was born in it. Growing up in the Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she was climbing by age 6. Spending time in the mountains was simply part of life. As was art. Following in the footsteps of her mom, who is a professional artist, Kelly was drawing, painting, and creating art inspired by her surrounding landscape from as long as she can remember. This eventually led to a profession as an illustrator while attending college in LA. Now, Kelly seamlessly blends her mountain pursuits with her passion for art, often creating pieces inspired by her epic FKT’s.


“For me it’s all about curiosity and exploration, whether it’s a blank sheet of paper or the start of a route,” she says.


In the first of our Black Diamond artist series, we’re featuring four illustrations from Kelly—each design reflecting a past mountain adventure.

BD athlete Kelly Halpin running the WURL.