Portrait of Hilaree Nelson
  • Hilaree Nelson (1972 -2022) will forever be in our hearts and represent a true depiction of a mountain athlete. From ascending and skiing the highest peaks to raising two wonderful children, Hilaree showed us what living an authentic life looked like. Hilaree was a part of countless expeditions all over the world, pushing the limits of ski mountaineering until her final days. Notably, she was the First Female to link two 8000 meter peaks in a single 24 hour push. Later, her ski descent from the summit of Lhotse is one of the many great accomplishments she achieved in her long career. Hilaree tragically passed away in an avalanche while skiing from the summit of Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world. We will honor her with every dawn patrol, powder day, and mountain summit, because that’s what she lived for.